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Make a Different Kind of List this Holiday Season

holiday season

Returning from chilly Toronto, Canada and a great interview with a fantastic family before the holidays. It was great having the Family Stories Project on the road to work with a friendly neighbor to the North.

As I am frequently reminded by conducting these interviews, it was wonderful to capture the story of a life well lived, a life of service, and life filled with gratitude. I can not wait to finish the project for a holiday delivery.

Ready or not, Its that time of year again and the holiday season is upon us. Families will get together and stories will be shared. In particular, stories of the past will be shared around the table. Some of us will be biting our lips as free political advice is shared and some of us will be howling with laughter over our favorite sports teams victories over major rivals. Others will be considering the prospect of making a list of gift ideas.

This year I would like to challenge your family to consider something different this holiday season – consider the stories associated with your family. If you had to make a list of the top 5 family stories, what would that list look like? Would it be an immigration story of a grand parent? Would it be marriage proposal story from a parent? Would it be a war story of survival? Would it be a state championship won by a grandchild’s participation. Or perhaps a family trip with disaster averted by quick thinking? Or perhaps a

What ever your family story list looks like, write it down and then give us a call at the Family Stories Project. Let’s talk about how we can help produce a video interview of your Mom or Dad or grandmother or grandfather telling their favorite family stories. We promise you will be thankful you did.

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