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Personal Videography That Will Actually Make Your Life Better

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When you’re searching for a personal videographer, you might have a variety of images pop into your head.  No, we’re not talking about the paparazzi nor are we suggesting that you start your own reality TV Show.  Instead, we want to discuss a way to get personal videography services which will actually improve the quality of life for you and your family.

A Video That Lives On

The type of video that your future generations will want to see is of you.  Living in an era of popular networks, like, Snapchat and Instagram, sometimes we forget that the whole story is still important; it’s your story.  At Family Stories Project, we truly believe that every family has a story worth sharing.

Doing a search on search engines, you might come across articles such as this one about hiring your own personal videographer.  Though it’s an interesting read, at the core of wanting to hire a personal videographer is the story.  What story do you believe is worth sharing to future generations?

Hiring a Personal Videographer

Without preparation and planning, let’s face it– hiring a personal videographer might be a huge waste of time and money.  Unless you’re aiming for strictly marketing purposes, you’re likely better off with developing your concept for a personal videographer in a more creative endeavor.

Videographers– just like other professions– have their specialities that you might want to consider for your specific needs.  If you’re looking to hire a personal videographer for documenting your life story, there are options that are better than others.  Just like if you were to require a certain kind of surgery, there are certain doctors that you might call over others.  Experience counts.

When you have developed your concept into an idea that you feel is worth sharing, you’re headed in a direction which will allow you to set-up a project.  From there, you’re more in control for determining which features should be added to your vision for the project, and which factors should be removed completely.  Hiring a personal videographer, in other words, should likely be more strategic from your end.

Strategic in Your Hiring

When you’re considering hiring a personal videographer, the purpose of the project is of prime importance for the type of videographer you might hire.  For example, The Family Stories Project specializes in producing quality family history videos with the video service we offer clients.

In many ways, it’s actually more affordable than hiring a personal videographer ongoing, and with the scope of the project being focused on the delivery of a professional broadcast-quality video, you’re more in control.  Plus, working with us, you’re working alongside professional filmmakers with years of experience.

It’ ultimately up to you, though.  Do you see the need for a personal videographer or are you really looking for the experience of a personal videographer to help you deliver a specific, quality product?  When you have lined up the stories that you believe are worth sharing, let us know and we’ll help you with suggesting the next steps.

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