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What to Include in an Autobiography Video

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At Family Stories Project, our motto is “every family has a story worth saving,” though sometimes you’re faced with a situation which may cause you to pause and reflect: how would you like to be remembered?  By facing these questions, you’re more in tune with discovering the truths which might reveal themselves in a scenario when you are providing your autobiography video.  In this post, we’d like to challenge you: how would you like your autobiography video?

Autobiography Video Project Ideas

You might already be sifting through a lot of imaginative ideas for your bio video, and this is an excellent place to start.  For others, though, you might find it challenging to develop your autobiography video project ideas.  Have no fear because we can help you discover some new ideas for creating your autography.

Sit-down Interview

One of the most popular ways to portray your story to an audience is with the format where you sit down, and speak with someone across from you.  The camera is set a such an angle so that you aren’t looking directly at the camera, but instead, speaking with the person asking the questions for your autobiography video.  This is a popular format that is often seen on newscasts (“sit-down interviews”) and is a common consideration for producing your autobiography video.

Walking Interview

There have actually been several studies on the walking interview method and this type of autobiography video idea can also be witnessed on TV and documentaries, as it has been around for ages.  For this project idea, you’re essentially walking along with the cameraman as they are capturing what you say as you walk.  In some cases, you might see the interview walking alongside the interviewer which is quite common.

Straight Into Camera Interview

With this idea for your autobiography video, you’re looking directly into the camera and speaking directly with your audience.  This technique is common amongst “Youtubers” in that you simply turn on the camera, and capture what you say.  It’s not the most professional type of interview technique for your autobiography video, but it does get the point across.

Video Bio Samples

Sometimes the best way to get ideas for a autobiography video is to actually look at some samples.  There are several inspirational autobiography videos available on the web, and though we’re partial, you can see some video autobiography examples to help inspire your next project.  These samples were taken from some of the recent projects we’ve produced for clients benefiting from our family history video services.

When you’re looking for a team of professional videographers to help you with your autobiography, we hope you will reach out and let us know how we may be able to help.  For several years, we have been producing broadcast-quality productions, and one of the greatest joys is that these videos are something that will be treasured for generations to come.  Putting your autobiography in video format is really a great way to document your memories, and provide them as an asset for the future.

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