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"We believe there are few things in life more important than the story of your family.  Let us help you save that story for generations."

~ Spencer Cooper

Family History

Video is an amazing medium for capturing family history. Our goal is to preserve specific favorite family stories in rich detail. With our full production package, we will edit this content with existing photographs, archival video and music into a cohesive narrative to be shared and enjoyed by friends and family.

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At the FSP, it really is about saving the family legacy.  Of course none of us are here forever, but the stories actually can live on through video – accurately told by the people who lived it.

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Life Stories

The prospect of recording a life story can sound intimidating, but we like to approach the process by breaking it down into small parts.  Pre-production is the key. Let our experienced production team guide your family through our process of capturing the best elements of a life story well told.

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Creating Family History Videos

Video production is a process and a craft.  Our team of professionals are dedicated to delivering the family history video your family deserves.


We will guide your family through the pre-production process of producing real documentary style content for your family. From gathering the favorite stories to organizing supporting family photos, we get the project prepared for production.


When production day comes, we will be ready. We will have the best location selected and professional level camera, lighting and audio equipment to make your family member look and sound their best.


With the content gathered, we will edit your project into a series of narrative stories that will be cherished for generations to come.