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Best Way to Save Your Family History

There are many solutions in front of all us, when it comes to saving your family history.  The obvious way of course is the way it has always been done, known as the oral history method  – by memory and retelling the stories to others within the family.  This is a tried and true method and the way that most families have passed down their family history over the centuries.
The reality is there are some significant drawbacks to this method, mainly this comes down to the very real but natural problem that our memories fade.  We simply can not help it.  Time passes and the story details change and fade and eventually are lost.  Stories are inevitably shared down through the generations, but as we all know instinctively, no father remembers the story of the grandfathers experience in the war like the grandfather, and the grandchild would remember even less.  There is simply a very natural dissipation of the memory.  We are human after all.
So what is the best way to tackle this problem of saving Grandad’s stories?  You could get Grandad to write them down? Good luck.  You could hire someone to help write a book about Grandad?  Writing a book could be extremely time consuming and very expensive.  You could start a scrapbook?  A scrapbook is a practical method that could help, but not exactly a solution geared to the current century.
Or you could consider having your family member interviewed on video.  A video interview would be a real time visual and audible representation of that person, speaking in their own words. The interview would be recorded digitally and could easily be saved in perpetuity in its original quality.  Is there a better solution?  I honestly do not think so, and thats why we do what we do at the Family Stories Project
Find out more about saving your family’s history.  Give us a call at 866-816-2739 or contact us, but don’t delay.  We all know that the opportunity to save the family’s history is extremely time sensitive.