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How a Life Story Video Production Can Preserve Your Legacy

Everyone loves a good family story. But as time goes on, these stories become embellished with new
details while others are forgotten.

For those who enjoy writing, they can put these tales down on paper for posterity. But since most of us
aren’t great authors, hiring someone to create a video of your life story is an excellent way to keep the
tales you and your family loved forever. The Family Stories Project is dedicated to helping families
record these stories and save them for the generations to come.

What is Life Story Video Production?

Video is the best medium for capturing the stories of your family history. But it can be intimidating to
think about capturing the details of a full life, which is why it is important to break up making a video of
your life story into smaller parts. The key is to spend ample time planning and editing so that the story
flows nicely.

The Family Stories Project will send a team of life story video production professionals to begin
formulating some questions to get a basic history of your life. They then use their storytelling expertise
to create an outline for retelling your story. They will capture the most compelling parts of your tale so
that you will have a unique, professionally edited video of your family history.

Benefits of Recording Your Life Story

The goal of recording the story of your life is to preserve your favorite stories in detail by having them
told accurately by the people who lived them. By adding still images of treasured family photos
throughout your video and a soundtrack of your favorite music, you will have, in essence, a personalized
video production. This is a great way to ensure your legacy with a cohesive narrative of your experiences
that your family can share and enjoy.

In addition to telling your life story, there are other ways to use video to capture things that can be
important to have a record of in the future.


Thinking about your death and funeral can be immensely stressful. You can hope to have your wishes
fulfilled and you will worry about how you might be eulogized. While you can’t do much about the
funeral, you can always create a video eulogy.

This can be a great choice for people who may want to tell their family aspects of their life that hadn’t
been spoken about in the past or for parents who wish to impart advice for their offspring. By having
yourself recorded on video, your friends and family will always be able to rewatch you speaking and
remember you fondly.

Recording The Family Genealogy

There has been a giant increase in people’s interest in their family trees over the past decade. However,
sometimes family members can pass away sooner than expected, leaving behind many unanswered
questions about the history of previous generations of the family. This can make tracing your genealogy
difficult, especially if a parent was an only child or an ancestor had multiple marriages.

A way to safeguard against this is to make a video where you talk about your older relatives while
recalling details of their life that you know. This can keep this information from being lost to history.  By
having this information recorded on video, future generations will be able to watch and learn more
about family members they may have never been able to meet.

Tell Your Story

The Family Stories Project knows that everyone has a story to tell. Our team of professional filmmakers
use the same equipment as documentary filmmakers so that they can offer families a polished, expertly
produced video of them sharing the story of their family that can live on for future generations. With
decades of experience working on films, we can capture those cherished family memories for a fraction
of what many production services charge.

If you are looking for a keepsake, a gift for a beloved family member, or simply want to tell your
personal story, then contact the Family Stories Project to book service for your own life story video
production. Your most important audience, your family and its future generations, will cherish the