Requests for Life Story Video Productions are Becoming More Popular

Within the past few years, requests for life story video productions have noticeably increased.  With the rising popularity for life story videos, it seems that the trend will continue as more people today are seeking personalized ways to honor the lives of loved one, and life story videos are one way to do so.

What is a Life Story Video?

You might be new to the concept so we want to provide you with some information about life story videos.  Basically, a life story video can be thought of as a “legacy video” or any kind of video which highlights the life and achievements of an individual.  Oftentimes this might be produced for a relative (eg a grandparent, relative, teacher, etc), though, a life story can be produced for practically anyone.

According to one source, they state a legacy video is a “short personal documentary that family and friends make in an effort to highlight a loved one’s stories and accomplishments.”  Life story videos are starting to become quite common in America, and with the rise of technology to showcase your videos, you’re empowered now more than ever before to produce your own life story video!

Rising Popularity of Life Story Videos

According to Google Trends data, the rise in popularity of life story video productions have been increasing over the years.  This trend will likely increase as people seek more personalized gifts for loved ones, and unique ways to honor each other.

Take a look at the Google Trends Data, and learn about the steady trend for “life story video”:

Personalization continues to be a driver for determining what people want in the marketplace.  A life story video gives the person featured an opportunity to star in their own short documentary, and share their stories to an audience that will live on past their lifetime.

The challenge with producing a life story video has always been in determining the right methodology for how to produce the life story video.  After all, most people who want a life story video are not professional videographers themselves, and there’s a lot at stake for the star of the documentary.  It’s important to consider the time of others, and other resources when you are embarking on developing your own life story video production.

The Solution for Your Life Story Video Production

There are a few ways in which you could produce your life story video.  Some of the ways to help you with your life story video production, include:

  • Going the do-it-yourself route
  • Hiring a friend or family member
  • Hiring a professional

Of course, there are pros and cons with either of these options.  For example, if you go the do-it-yourself route, you might find friction in overcoming the basics of procuring the right equipment (eg. professional cameras, mics, etc) in addition, the quality of your final production will be in how well you completed your pre-production work.

With hiring a friend or family member for your life story video production, you might receive a discounted rate, though, the quality of the work might suffer due to competing demands of the friend or family as they attempt to deliver on their favor for you.

With hiring a professional, you have several options, though, keep in mind that all professional videographers are not alike!  It’s important to consider a company that specializes in life story and family history videos as their core competency for maximum effect, and quality of the end result.

By understanding the trends in the marketplace, as well as knowing that there is a gap to bridge in order to help people, a life story video production service was created with you in mind.  When you’re searching for a qualified team of professional filmmakers to help you with your life story video production, feel free to contact us regarding your project.