Their Stories

See some of the memories our clients have entrusted to the Family Stories Project.

Michaels Family:  ‘Big Anne’s’ Vacation Story

Anne Michaels, better known as ‘Big Anne’ to family and friends, shared a joyful story with us about a road trip vacation taken with lifelong friends.

Hairston Family: Bill’s Automobile Story

Bill and the Hairston Family were a pleasure to work with, and they were gracious enough to allow us into their home to interview Bill for their family history video. 

Isbell Family: Iris’s Piano Story

Iris was a joy to work with, and she was kind enough to grant us permission to share a short clip from her legacy video production.

Geurs Family: Ely’s Resistance Art

No memory will ever be as powerful as hearing Ely describe her amazing childhood story during World War II.

Cooper Family: Belton’s Father’s Good Luck

Future generations of Coopers will be able to hear a great story about winning a national contest in the early 1900s.