Skills You Can Learn From Producing Your Family Tree Video

family video tree template


Taking part in producing your family tree video is an incredibly rewarding experience. It’s a
wonderful way to ensure that your family’s story will stand the test of time. You can fulfill
personal goals, bring family together, and acquire new technical skills when you choose to take
on the momentous task of preserving your family’s history.

Here’s a few of the skills you can expect to pick up when you decide to produce a family tree

Strengthened Interpersonal Skills

While the production of this video may be solely for personal reasons, it is still a great
opportunity to strengthen your interpersonal skills. Conducting an interview and staying on
target with questions, even with close family members, is not as easy as it may seem.

With your interest and stake in this story, you will have the chance to focus on what is being said
and perhaps even learn how to better conduct yourself in a future interview setting, whether
personal or professional.

The Craft of Storytelling

When you choose to take the time to produce your family’s video, it gives you the incredible
opportunity to ask questions you have always wanted answers to. You will be able to design
questions that guide the interview in a way that tells the story as you see it.

While we can often capture adequate footage from stories told, this gives you the chance to focus
the information on what you would like to see shared for generations to come.

Have you ever wondered what the social norms were when your parents were young? What
about when your grandparents were your age? With answers to these questions, you can develop
a better understanding of past generations and broaden your mindset by acknowledging the
impactful experiences your family members choose to share.

As your family grows older, these lifestyle differences become more and more intriguing; all the
more reason to capture the story from the person who lived in a different era!

Better Understanding of Genealogy and Production

In the past few years, it is clear that society has become increasingly interested in genealogy and
the services that provide answers about familial heritage. Through your own Family Stories
Project, you get to learn more about how the genealogy process works.

While our staff works diligently to provide you with an incredible finished product, we recognize
that preserving your family history is no small task. Your role in producing this video will allow
you to see just how much production goes into accurately sharing the story of your family.
It takes time and dedication to create these videos, and we will help you to create something that
you will be proud to have been a part of!

Become More Connected

As more and more people utilize these services that easily allow for us to preserve our individual
histories, the chance is that the saying “it’s a small world” will only become truer.
Producing and sharing your video through social media platforms will give you the chance to
connect with people from similar backgrounds, and reconnect with distant relatives or family

Sharing your video is also a great way to grow your reach on social media sites. Everyone loves
to hear interesting stories about you and your background. Your family tree video will serve as
excellent content and will definitely deserve a permanent spot on your social media pages.

Know Where You Came From

Ultimately, we believe that this is the most important reason you should take part in producing
your family tree video. Participating in the production process gives you the chance to become
even closer to your family history, providing you with permanent footage of the people most
important to you. These videos serve as a keepsake for you to cherish throughout your entire life
and a reminder to appreciate exactly where you came from.

While most of us have grown up listening to the same family stories retold over and over again,
they often lose their significance as the years go by. Details get lost or change and the meaning
and value of the story is ultimately different. Taking part in the production of these videos will
ensure that the history of your family is captured correctly and will undoubtedly give you a sense
of pride and passion about the result.

Get Started With a Great Production Service

Choosing to take part in the production of your family tree video is the first step in capturing
your family’s history for generations to come. At Family Stories Project, we’ll help you with
every step of production. Visit our contact page to start planning your family video today
through our video production services!