Why You Should Produce a Genealogy Video

Genealogy Video Image of tree to viewers

Family is the most important thing in many people’s lives. Unfortunately, not everyone knows theirs. If you value your family history and want to keep it alive, you might want to avoid this happening to future generations. The best solution some people can get these days is a DNA genealogy test.

Books, blogs, websites, and pictures are all viable options; however, we suggest a family history video. It might not seem clear at first, but there are many reasons why making a video is the best way to preserve your family’s legacy. Over the years, we at Family Stories Project have found that videos capture more than any other medium can. If you’re interested in why you should make a family history video, keep reading!

Preserving Family History

Preserving family history is something people don’t realize is important until they haven’t done it. Once you no longer have access to information about your family, it’s almost impossible to get it back. Family Stories Project has realized this and wants to provide you and your family every opportunity to counter this.

Making a video allows your family history to be shared with generations to come. It also keeps all the information you need in one place. Anyone in your family who wants to know more about where they come from will have instant access. Plus, a video is much easier to digest and appreciate than a long book or simple pictures. Keeping the information accessible for the generations to come will guarantee that your family’s legacy won’t fade.

Hearing Stories from Those Who Lived Them

It’s one thing to read about an event, it’s another to watch a person tell it. This is even more compelling when the person lived it. We can hear how something really happened, feel a person’s emotions, and truly connect with them when we have the opportunity to see them tell it themselves.

This is one of the huge benefits that comes along with making a genealogy video. However, finding the right stories to tell might be difficult. Luckily you don’t have to do this alone. At Family Stories Project, we have trained interviewers who will make you and your family members feel at ease and open to sharing. We value finding the stories that shaped who you are. Putting this in a well-crafted video ensures that your legacy will be passed down.

Easily Passed Down Memories

Traditionally, family stories have been kept through tales of passed-away relatives, documents, and pictures. The only problem with those sorts of physical objects and verbal stories is they can be lost easily. On top of that, over time paper can be lost or break down due to wear and tear.

Family story videos are the perfect way to curb this. Videos can be stored digitally on your computer, tablet, and cellphone making it nearly impossible to lose. This means you can share your heritage easily as well. With the click of a button you can send the video to your nephew doing a project on the family tree or your sister trying to feel more connected to her roots. Overall videos are just the most convenient and reliable way to keep your family history alive.

Why Preserve Your Family History?

There are many reasons why you should consider producing a family story video. It’s important that your heritage has a place it will last for all of your family to see. Up until this point you might have not known how to do that. But now, you have a way to keep your family’s legacy alive. Contact us today and let us help you produce the perfect video.